photographe plasticienne / visual artist

lives and works between Albi and Paris, France.

After studies in cinema, during which Julia Genet tried her hand at photography to exercise her framing skill, she gradually reoriented herself towards this new medium which brought her freedom and independence.

She follows several workshops with Claudine Doury and Paolo Verzone, confirming her taste for portraiture. In 2016, selected by Dazed and Confused magazine, she participated in the If You Leave Showcase presented in New York and Berlin.

At the same time, Julia learns marbling, a painting technique on water, which she will modernize in her approach and patterns in her art workshop : Tomàs Avinent atelier.

In her constant search for the most appropriate medium to translate her artistic expression, she realized that the medium is only a language that she can invented to create her own words.
From then on, without limits in her technical approach, Julia Genet mixes photography, Japanese painting, embroidery and collage, transposing her life experience and emotion, beyond language.

She recognizes herself in Soulage's words: "It's what I do that reveals what I'm looking for."

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