Created in the winter of 2020 by the french artist Margaux Derhy, Le Cercle de l'Art was designed to establish a privileged relationship between collector and artist.

Le Cercle de l'Art allows collectors to become part of an artist's privileged circle, to acquire his or her works in monthly instalments over a year, to offer access to the intimacy of his or her work, and to benefit from very special attentions reserved exclusively for collector members.

Thanks to this 21st century patronage, the artist can perpetuate her creation through monthly payments.

Selected with 19 other artists for the Season 0 of this beautiful project, I propose since September 13, 2021, thirteen works in various prices and formats, available for sale during one month only and payable in 12 monthly payments over one year.


Since September 13, 2021, discover the selection of 13 works available for Le Cercle

The artworks selection is available for sale until 12 October 2021 only

This is a one-off opportunity in the year, there will be no further opportunity to join my Collectors' Circle until September 2022


3 different sizes of artworks, from 45x36cm to 92x73cm

3 price categories from 50€/month to 195€/month and a diptych at 300€/month (excluding any shipping costs)

1 month to choose your favourite work

Your work of art at home from the first payment in November 2021


Whatever the work you choose, I prepare  you 3 confidential attentions, reserved only for members of my Circle

They are presented below ↓


If you are interested in the project and wish to check the catalogue of artworks (it does not commit you to anything, the pleasure of discovering my work is enough ;)
please fill in the form below, I'll send you the password ↓

The confidential attentions reserved for the Members of my Circle

whatever the artwork you choose


a special artwork for your birthday

I reserve you a surprise for your birthday!


a preferential rate on the works for the rest of the year

You will have a 10% discount on all works during the year


an individual visit to my studio in South of France

In real or in virtual, I will make you visit my workshop, my tools, my creation process, the environment... you will discover all the backstage!


Do we receive the catalogue of all the participating artists or just yours ?

Just mine! To receive the catalogue of the other artists, just ask them: their contact details are all listed on the Cercle de l'Art website

Go and have a look, they are all talented !

Is it a rental or do we own the art piece ?

It is not a rental but a purchase with payment in 12 monthly instalments

The work is delivered to you in the first month and you officially become the owner once all the monthly payments are made

If we like an artwork, can we put an option ?

Yes, however, as the artworks are offered for sale for one month only, it is only possible to place an option for 2 days. After this time, it will be available again.

The first person to express an interest in an artwork will have priority over the purchase

Are my contact informations as a collector member confidential ?

Yes! In the Cercle de l'Art, the participating artist NEVER shares or distributes the contact information of his collector members. At no time will he/she be asked to communicate the personal information of collector members.

The objective of Le Cercle de l'Art is only to support the artist in the search for potential buyers and to create a community of artists and collectors !

What are the conditions to join Le Cercle ?

The Circle is open to all curious collectors

When do I receive the art piece ?

Delivery of the work takes place upon the first receipt of the permanent payment.
The collector member will receive the work by mail (at his or her own charge) or in person at the artist's studio

How does the payment take place ?

The member collector pays for the artwork in 12 payement to the artist's bank account by means of a permanent debit limited to 12 months

Can I collect more than one artist at the same time ?

Yes, this is in the spirit of the Circle.

If you have any question left, please contact me

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